Ethical and Legal Terms

You are visiting personal web site of Tansel Kaplancan, MD. All visitors and users who reach (will be referred as “site” from now on), are considered to be read and adopted “Ethical and Legal Terms”.

Presentation of the site and all the contents of the site belong to Tansel Kaplancan, MD along with all intellectual and industrial property rights unless told otherwise and they are protected by related laws and regulations. Visitor and users accept and undertake not violating these property rights of Tansel Kaplancan, MD by reaching and using the site.

Contents of this site which are made of medical knowledge and experience of Tansel Kaplancan, MD can only be used in purpose of gaining personal information.

Partial or total content of this site cannot be reproduced, changed, transmitted and published without written consent of Tansel Kaplancan, MD. In case of violation of this obligation, legal and criminal process will be conducted.

This site does not provide health service in any case, directly or indirectly; it does not have purpose of leading towards personal diagnosis and treatment. Website contents cannot be accepted to be valid for everyone or as definite; there may be different medical opinion and/or applications. No knowledge gained from this site can take the place of professional medical care. Therefore, all liabilities coming from using this site for diagnosis and treatment belongs to the visitor and users. Tansel Kaplancan, MD cannot be held responsible of any direct or indirect damage or responsibility which may come from use of this site in this perspective.

Tansel Kaplancan, MD has the right to adjust, change, update, add, remove any notification and warning, information, content, picture, logo, icon and such anytime he wants without notifying before and misspelling or updating mistakes of the site are not binding.

Images and videos which are not proper for those below the age of 18 inside this site of Tansel Kaplancan, MD are put towards verification of the age. E-mail address of the visitors which is given during verification cannot be shared with third party individuals and/or establishments. When verification is done, all visuals and videos of the site will be opened to the visitor. Tansel Kaplancan, MD has the right to send notifications, bulletin and personal publicities to e-mails given by visitors.

E-mail address and personal information of visitor and users cannot be shared with third party individuals and/or establishments apart from the necessities given by the law.

Personal contact information of visitor and users can be used by Tansel Kaplancan, MD or Site official for getting in contact with purposes of update, notification and such or any other purpose allowed by the visitor or users. Visitors and users who shared their communication information for membership etc. are considered to adopt and undertake the fact that they may be contacted with the purposes told above. In case a request to end this communication is on, they are obliged to send notification to the address about this subject.

Visitor and users may send questions, comments, opinions, suggestions and complaints about the site contents. Visitor and users accept and undertake that this and similar texts are not confidential and not in property of anyone. Also, visitors accept and undertake that they gave away the right to use these context to Tansel Kaplancan, MD without any limitation and irreversibly.

This web site can only be used within legal borders and in direction of the law. Tansel Kaplancan, MD can take any measures as he sees fit and necessary towards this purpose. Legal and criminal responsibility of all the procedures conducted as Visitor or user and/or with password belong to the related person.

Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are in charge of any conflict that may result from reach or use of the site and violation of these obligations included in Notification of confidentiality and legal warning.